Wedge Sneakers

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Wedge sneakers are a trend that has a lot of controversy around it.  People either love them or hate them.  I think this trend is a fashion do as long as you don’t go to crazy and overboard with it.  I own a pair of dark blue wedge sneakers with studs on the tongue and I think they are great for everyday outfits where you want to be comfortable but stylish.  I do not believe this trend is just a fad that will not be around for very long so it is important to get key pieces because you love them not just to follow a trend that is in right now.


How to Wear This Trend


Details that make up a wedge sneaker

Wedge sneakers look like a mix between a standard sneaker and a wedge sandal.  They come in a wide variety of colors and details such as glitter, studs and buckles.  The wedge heel can be a full wedge or can be a lot lower to the point where it almost doesn’t look like a wedge and looks more like a regular sneaker.


How to wear wedge sneakers

Since wedge shoes tend to look a little large it is best to pair them with slimming pants or something that shows off your leg.  Jeans or leggings are a great option tucked into your shoes.  Another option is short skirt since you would not have added fabric against your leg making it look bulkier.


Occasions they can be worn for

I would not wear this type of shoes with any kind of dress, formal evening outfit or work outfit since these shoes would look to casual.  This trend will work well for any kind of casual or daytime outfit.





Kayleigh - Taupe


These over the top glittery wedge shoes are the perfect accent for a simple basic outfit.  I love the gold color and the gold buckle accents.  This style is a little bit over the top for me and I would not personally wear them but everyone has their own tastes.  Would you rock these daring wedge sneakers?



Ripley - GreyRipley - Navy

This pair of shoes resemble more of a classic wedge sneaker.  Without the wedge heel they would look like a basic sneaker.  The pop of orange and pink colors on these neutral shoes is a great added touch.



Hitzo - Med Brown Suede

It seems like every designer is hopping on the wedge sneaker trend.  These metallic sneakers by Guess are a great dressed up version of this shoe.


Hisalyn - Silver Suede

Edgy metallic shoes are a great trend and make an even greater trend when combined with a wedge sneaker.  I love the spike accents on the back of the wedge.



Twynkle - Mint Green

Some forms of wedge sneakers sport less of a wedge like these pastel mint blue sneakers.  The spikes on the side of the shoes make it look more unique and dressy than a basic flat shoe.



Country - American Suede

For a more rugged warn look try wearing these flag sneakers to show your American pride.



Zipps - Quilted


This quilted look and zipper detail on these wedge heels are great for any sleek outfit.



Examples of Trend in Outfits


White Sneakers


Personally I do not think that this trend works well with this outfit.  This trend does not work well with bulky sweaters it is better suited for a top that fits closer to the body.  The clear jacket does nothing to enhance the outfit and simply makes it way to busy.


Black and White Sneakers

These sneaker wedges look great with this outfit.  She wore skinny jeans and a tight fitting top paired with a leather jacket so she does not look too bulky.


Brown Wedge Sneakers


This pair of brown sneaker wedges looks great paired with shorts.  They are a dressier option to sandals or regular sneakers.