Wedge Sandals

  • Colorful Wedge Sandals

Wedge sandals are a big summer trend.  I have found wedge sandals to be very comfortable as long as the straps are comfortable and fit properly.  This trend will allow you to give your heels a much needed rest for the summer and slip into some more comfortable stylish shoes.

How to Wear Wedge Sandals

Details that make up a wedge sandal

This trend combines the look of a strappy sandal with a wedge heel.  The heel can range from a high height to a much lower modest height.  Some wedge sandals are slip on where as others comprise of straps that need to be buckled.


Occasions shoe can be worn for

Shoes like this can go from a daytime look to a evening look depending on how casual or dressy the shoe looks.


How to wear wedge sandals

This trend is great to pair with a summer dress or flowy skirt.  You can pair a bright outfit with neutral wedge sandals or a more neutral outfit with a bright colored wedge.  Shoes like this can also be appropriate for work when paired with a skirt or dress pants.  I have a pair of bright blue wedge sandals with a rope like natural wedge to add a pop of color to any outfit.



Wedge Sandals can range from solid colors to prints and patterns.  Some of these sandals mix materials such as a cork wedge with fabric straps.  Some even have different colors for the wedge and straps.


What not to do

I would not go overboard with mixing to many bright colors and prints all in one outfit.  If your outfit has a lot of color in it then chose a more basic neutral wedge shoe and if your outfit is more neutral then you can pair it with a bright colored or printed wedge heel.





Cambria - Truffle Bar NuCambria - Cocoa Sand SueCambria - Black Suede

These more basic slip on wedge shoes are a great option for a work outfit.  The close toe makes it look more professional and since it comes in basic colors and a basic style it can be paired with more colorful pieces.



Fight Fire With Fire - GreyFight Fire With Fire - Black


Color blocking is a great summer trend and adds some color to your outfits.  The bright shoes would be great paired with a more neutral outfit.



Ariel - Black

This shoe has a very high wedge heel.  The ankle strap adds some support for your foot.


Cleona - BlueCleona - Black

Basic solid colored wedges are a great staple piece in your wardrobe.



Adan - Charcoal PUAdan - Cognac PU

Wedge sandals are great when they come with supported straps.  The buckle detail gives it a gladiator sandal look.



Neeson - Elephant GreyNeeson - Blk Alaska Leather

These shoes are great to complete an office look.  The bow detail on the toe adds some personality to this shoe.



Lexa - FuchsiaLexa - NaturalLexa - Seafoam

Cork heels are a big trend with wedge sandals.  They give you an earthy natural look.


Take Hold P7 - Pink MultiTake Hold P7 - Orange Multi


I love prints on shoes.  This fun colorful print adds a pop of color without going overboard.


Diastol - Orange Multi Lea


Here is another example of colorblocking on a wedge heel.  The purple and orange colors compliment each other.


Laine - Black SuedeLaine - Light Nat SuedeLaine - Dark Pink Suede

Slip on wedges are an easy option for getting ready quickly.


Andaman - Orange

This snakeskin print mixed with the bright yellow color is a daring wedge heel to wear.  This is an option that you will either love or hate.



Glennaa - Black PuGlennaa - Stone PuGlennaa - Tan Pu

This inclosed sandal is great for supporting your feet and the bright zipper detail is a great accent to this shoe.





Mai Tai - ChocolateMai Tai - White

Mixed media is a trend within wedge sandals. The metal, fabric and cork like material are combined to make a great wedge shoe.



Stacey - Light Brown


Basic brown or black heel sandals are a great staple in your wardrobe.  You can wear them instead of a basic flat sandal to add some style to your outfit.



Tremor - Black StellaTremor - Hot Coral StellaTremor - Nude Stella


I love metal accents on shoes.  This skinny metal strap offers a modern option for a wedge sandal.



Rexx - Max Red Elko NubuckRexx - Fiji Elko Nubuck

Bright colors are great options during the spring and summer.  These comfortable shoes would be the perfect option.



Lomasi - Tan MultiLomasi - Black Multi

The Colorful stripes work well with this basic heel.


Examples of Trend in Outfits



I think that this is a great look.  She paired neutral wedges with a neutral colored outfit.  I would have loved to see her pair a bright shoe or a bright bag with this outfit to add a pop of color.


Personally I do not like the look of tights with a wedge shoe.  When I think of tights I imagine an office secretary with close toed pumps.   I do not think the tan wedges work well with this black outfit and would have liked to see her wear shoes in a black color or something brighter



These fun print heels work well with this outfit and mint blue purse.  The chunky wedge shoe pairs well with the slim form fitting leggings.