Purple Heels

  • Purple Heels

Colored heels have been a big trend recently and are the perfect way to brighten up an outfit.  Purple heels are not as daring as they may seem as long as you know the right way to wear them.  Purple is also a great wedding accent color and purple shoes are a great way to tie your wedding color into your outfit to complete the look.  Colored heels have been around for a while but it has just recently become more popular to wear pastel and bright fun colors.


How to Wear Purple Heels



Now a days there are a wide variety of purple shades to choose from in shoes.  Colors range from lavender pastel, to plum, orchid and amethyst colors.   If you are going to a more formal event then I would choose a deeper shade of purple since it will make you look more appropriate to the situation.   Lighter shades of purple work well for fun daytime outfits.


How to wear this trend

For a daytime outfit pair neutral pants with the purple heels.  Since the pants will be close to the heels you do not want competing colors.  For your shirt is okay to have hints of purple within it even if it is the same shade as your shoes.  With your accessories I would choose a different shade of purple than your shoes.  You do not want everything to look to matchy so different shades of purple in your purse and jewelry will make you look more put together.  For an evening outfit you can pair deep purple stilettos with a black dress and hints of purple in your jewelry and other accessories.


What not to do

When wearing this color make sure that you do not go overboard.  With any trend you do not want to wear to much of it in one outfit.  If you want to wear multiple purple items in one outfit it is best to do different shades of purple and stick to just purple heels and a minimum amount of purple accessories.




Marian - Plum

These plum colored heels by Just Fab would be a great accent to any daytime outfit.  These shoes are only $55.

Fonda - Orchid Suede

I love the orchid color on this pair of heels.  These heels by Jessica Simpson cost $100.

Carrie - Lavender Suede

Pastel colors are a big hit this season.  These minty lavender heels with a hint of metal would be a great modern piece for your wardrobe.  This heel by shoemint is currently on sale for $104.99.

Faris - Fuchsia Met Leather

Mixed media on shoes is a great way to add multiple colors and textures to your outfit.  This pair of shoes by Penny loves Kenny cost $100.

Brendaa - Amethyst Patent

This basic heel looks great in its Amethyst color.  These shoes by blink cost $60.

Bevin - Purple

The lattice pattern on these heels adds a unique touch.  This shoe by just fab costs $55.

Lexiee - Amethyst Fabric

Try the unexpected look of an ankle boot with a dark purple color.  These shoes by blink are $70.


Claudine - Purple Multi Suede

The gold accents on this open toed shoe go great with the dark purple fabric.  This heel by Ivanka Trump is $145.

Ryanne - Plum Satin

Low heeled shoes are a great option paired with an evening or wedding outfit.  These Badgley Mischka heels are $235.


Malika - Ultra Violet Suede

Platform heels are a great choice paired with the stretchy comfortable straps on this shoe by Jessica Simpson.  You can get this pair for $100.


Louie - Purple Pu

This heel by Michael Antonio is a great find at only $50.  The black cap toe is a popular trend this season and mixes well with this purple color.


Phea - Magenta Leather

I love stud accents on shoes and gold and purple pair well together.  These shoes by Dolce Vita are on sale for $98.99.

Jam Ming Wedge - Purple

Wedge heels have turned into a popular trend and the snakeskin print on this heel is a unique accent to this dark purple shoe.  The cost of these wedges by Luichiny are on sale for $85.49.

Asha - Eggplant

Knee high boots are great paired with Jeans or an evening outfit.  The dark plum color on these suede boots are great mixed with the leather top.  These shoes by BCBGenteration are on sale for $170.


People Wearing Trend


Purple Stilettos

I do not like these purple stilettos paired with the green and blue plaid pants.  It is best to pair neutral pants with a purple colored heel  to avoid making your outfit look too busy.


Purple Colored Heels

Personally I would not mix purple with another bright color such as blue.  With two prominent colors such as purple and blue in an outfit they compete too much with each other.

Purple Heels

These purple heels look great with the plain white dress.    Pairing bright colors with neutrals is always a good way to add color into your outfit.