Punk Rock Shoes for the Modern Grown up Woman

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For me this punk rock trend started when I was a teenager in high school.  I didn’t want to look like everyone else and wanted to feel like I had control over something in my life like my wardrobe.  As you probably know when you are younger and want to feel rebellious you shop at stores like Hot Topic and Spencer’s for your punk rock shoes and wardrobe even though now I know that those stores do not make you unique they just make you look like everyone else.

As I grew older I realized that I could not continue to dress like this.  I needed to be taken seriously and look professional for things like job interviews and work wardrobe but that does not mean that you have to lose the personality within your wardrobe.  There are many ways that you can inject a punk rock personality into your wardrobe.  One great way to do this is with punk rock shoes.

How to Wear Punk Rock Style and Shoes

Details that make up a punk rock shoe

Punk Rock edgy shoes have recently become a popular trend that I absolutely love since I have been rocking this style for a while.  Before you can rock this trend you must first understand what makes up a punk rock shoe.  This shoe trend includes details like studs, metal details, spikes, shoe lace details on heels and lace.  These shoes can range from very daring to more demure with a hint of edge.

Occasions shoe can be worn for

Depending on how daring the shoe is there are many occasions that this shoe type can be worn for.  If the shoe has a hint of punk rock such as studded flats or heels with buckle or metal accents then I feel they are appropriate for a lot of situations such as work, a night out or day to day activities.  Punk rock shoes may not be appropriate for very formal events such as weddings or charity events but it is best to refer to the events dress code to be sure.  Other forms of punk rock shoes are very edgy and daring.  Punk rock shoes that are covered in spikes, skulls, crosses and loud metallic colors would not be appropriate for work, church or some daytime activities.  They are fine for a night out if you are going to bars or clubs.

How to wear punk rock shoes

Punk rock shoes can be worn with a simple pair of jeans to add edge to your outfit.  You could also pair punk rock shoes with a more feminine outfit to create an opposites effect.

The punk rock shoes could also be paired with similar pieces to accentuate your punk rock outfit as long as you do not go overboard with too many pieces from the same style.

Here are some examples of ways I include punk rock items into my outfits.   A good way to look put together is to follow the three piece rule, pants, a shirt and a jacket.  I will pair basic jeans, with a punk rock pair of heels or boots, and a suit jacket with leather trim.  With suit jackets you can pair almost any kind of shirt with it from a basic tee shirt to a button down dress shirt so it is a must have to make any outfit look put together.  I love leather jackets and having them in different colors grey, brown, black etc. will pair well with any outfit.


Punk rock shoe colors include dark colors such as black, dark red, dark purple and metallic colors such as silver and gold.  Some of the louder punk rock styles may even include neon colors such as bright green.

 What not to do

Like any fashion trend it is very easy to go overboard which is not what you want to do.  Choose a few key pieces from this trend to mix up with your outfits.  I wouldn’t pair more than three pieces from this trend together in one outfit. An example would be punk rock shoes, a punk rock purse and punk rock jewelry.  You could also switch out the purse for a punk rock vest or leather jacket.

Shoe Inspiration

Cecis - Black
Madonna’s new shoe line actually turned out great and here is an example of one of her shoes.   These pair of black stiletto heels are accented with black spikes making it the perfect choice for a wide variety of outfits.



Barney - Cog LeatherBarney - Blk Leather

These rugged boots are a must have for comfort.  Your not going to wear heels for everyday errands so a pair of flat boots are a great wardrobe essential.  The stud detail is a nice punk rock hint.

Back At Ya - Bright Red Pat Pu

These dark red heels are a great way to add some color to your outfit.  If you are wearing all black try wearing these heels for a pop of color.

SHCR Spikes - Black

These heels may be a little bit overboard and may not be right for a lot of occasions but they are fun and punk rock.  With halloween approaching they could go great with a costume.

Tacoma - GreenTacoma - Fuchsia

Fun colors are a great twist on the standard punk rock shoe.  These neon colors and stiletto heel is a great twist for your outfit.

Pretty Please Plat Bootie - Black

I love Avril Lavigne’s shoe brand Abby Dawn and own a pair of lace up boots similar to these myself.  The metal skulls and round studs are a great accent to the boot.

Smokey - Nude Faux
Smokey - Black Faux

Flats are the perfect shoe for a work look.  The spike accents add some personality to this otherwise basic flat.

Wild Child Combat Boot - Leopard

These fun boots mix animal print with punk rock studs and skulls.  These boots would be great paired with skinny jeans.

New Rider Platform Bootie - Red

Iron Fist is another punk rock brand that creates a lot of shoes with fun prints and colors such as this dark red color with skulls.

Ruff Rider Platform - Red

Here is the heel version of the last pair of red boots shown.  The zipper is a great added detail.

Heavy Metal Platform - Blk Slvr

Heels don’t always have to be boring such as these shiny tiled heels.  These shoes would need to be worn with the right outfit to prevent you from looking like a disco ball.

Digi Skull Sequin Plat - Black

The mix between the sequin and the skulls contrast to give it a feminine but hardcore look.

Dist Memory P Toe Flat - Nude

These white flats are a fabulous option to spice up an outfit.


Examples of Trend on People

Edgy OutfitBlack Stilettos

These jeans with a hint of metallic sparkle are a great accent to these punk rock shoes.

Punk HeelsPunk Heels

This is Kristen Stuarts attempt at a punk rock outfit and shoe which I think was too much.  The mix of the burgundy color with the lace panels and spiked heels are too much when put together into one outfit.

Edgy Outfit

These basic punk rock heels are great with the printed jeans and leather jacket.