Compare Sparkly Heels From all Major Online Shoe Stores

While no one really knows how this trend started it has hit us by surprise and taken the world over by storm.  This shoe trend looks great with a simple black cocktail dress but can also be worn with many other outfits.  Sparkly heels are best used for a night out or evening events but if they are worn in a neutral more subtle color then I think they could become work appropriate.

How to Wear Sparkly Heels

Types of Sparkly Shoes

Sparkly shoes come in many varieties.  You can rock a pair of sparkly flats to to look comfortably chic all day long or wear a pair of sparkly stilettos or boots for an added touch of glam to an evening outfit.

Colors and Outfit Pairing

This hot trend comes in many colors from bright pink, purple and red to more subtle colors such as black, nude and white.  When choosing the perfect color you should take into account where the shoes will be worn and for what occasion.  If they are needed for a new year’s eve party then loud colors such as silver, gold and red would be appropriate.  If they will be for a day at the office then I would choose more subdued colors such as nude, black and brown then pair the sparkly color with a great pair of flats or more casual footwear so you do not look to overdressed for the office.

What not to do

I would not do head to toe sparkle when planning your outfit.  Sparkle should be used sparingly and save it for one key focal point within your outfit such as your shoes.  No one wants to look like a messy glitter bomb.   You can either match the color of the sparkly heels to your outfit such as black on black or pair your neutral outfit with a pair of bright sparkly heels for a wow statement.

Where to Buy Sparkly Heels

All major shoe retailers seem to be catching onto this trend and will carry at least one type of sparkly heels.  One particular retailer that I feel has a good selection of sparkly heels is  They carry a wide variety of styles and sparkly heel colors to match any outfit.  Most online shoe retailers have a search feature within their site so you can search for the term “sparkly heels” and see what comes up. has a great feature that allows you to see categories of shoes based on trend.  They do not yet have sparkly heels as one of their main trends but I am sure they will soon as this shoe trend continues to grow.


Janene - Black Powder Glitz Suede

  This pair of black shoes are the perfect finish to any romantic look.  The subtle sparkle and black color add to the romance and mystery.



Melody - Platinum

 Platinum heel sandals would be a great accent to a wedding or evening look.  These sandals have just the right amount of subtle sparkle.



Isila 3 - Blue Multi Fabric

 The sparkle on this heel actually comes from its purple fabric which has woven in sparkly threads.  This heel is perfect for a special occasion.



Willoe - Pewter Metallic

These heels contain two great trends, animal print and sparkle.  This shiny silver snakeskin print will add just the right touch of sparkle to any outfit.


Kio - Black Texture

 This sparkly masterpiece with its high stiletto heel and supportive strap is a great option to wear on a night out.  You will definitely get noticed in these!


Sparkly Flats

Flats are a perfect option for the daytime and this pair has a hint of sparkle that will keep you looking classy all day long.  This shoe is great because you can go from day to night without having to change if you are pressed for time.


Purple Sparkly HeelsGold Sparkly HeelBlack Sparkly Heel


This pair of Michael Antonio heels comes in three fabulous colors that will match any outfit.  These shoes are covered in full blown glitter and will be sure to get you noticed.


Black Sparkly HeelGold Sparkly Heel



Every girl needs a pair of black and gold sparkly heels in their wardrobe.  These open toed pumps will add just the right touch of class to your evening outfit.


Red Sparkly HeelsPink Sparkly HeelsWhite Sparkly Heels

Sparkle is what these shoes are all about.  If you are not afraid to wear color and glitter then these are the perfect option.   If you need to be a little bit more conservative then the white pair are more neutral with just a hint of color so you can still show your playful side.


Silver Sparkly HeelGold Sparkly HeelBlack Sparkly Heel


If you are looking for a classic close toed pair of pumps but want them to have a little bit of personality and sex appeal then these shoes are for you.   These three dazzling colors will work well for any occasion.

Junebug - Rose Gold Glitter



The sparkly rose gold color on these heels adds a romantic touch to these shoes.  All of the straps on this shoe gives your foot the support it needs.



Trend Examples in an Outfit

SIlver Heels



Taylor Swift is looking stunning in her silver pair of sparkle encrusted heels.  She paired the silver shoes with a shimmery gold dress which in a lot of cases can look overdone but she somehow manages to make it look okay.






Pink Heels




Personally I think that the mix of the hot pink shoes and bright yellow sweater is too much.  She is trying to mix the trends of leather, bright colors and sparkly heels together into one outfit and it is not working.  If the sweater was a color such as black and she saved the pop of color for just the shoes then it would work really well.



Sparkly HeelsSilver Heels



This is a great example of a sparkly heel being paired with an everyday outfit.  You can pair basic jeans with a sparkly heel for added glamor.




glittery heels



Here is an example of this trend gone wrong.  There is sparkle in her jeans along with the multi colored sparkle in the heel, the gold trim and the black sparkle on the underside of the shoe.  When there is too much going on it turns a great trend into a hot mess.



Blue Heels



For a night out a sparkly heel with a pop of color can dress up any outfit even a simple pair of jeans.

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