Bright Summer Heels

  • Bright Summer Heels

Fashion trends seem to come and go as fast as it seems summer is here then comes to an end.  I like to stick with the trends that I love and can wear for a while rather than simply wearing a trend because it is the latest thing you see on all of the celebrities.   Choose a few key bright pieces to wear that you love so you won’t be disappointed once the trend becomes dated.  Bright summer heels and neon shoe colors are a hot new fashion trend that I love.   My favorite bright color is lime green which used to be hard to find in shoe stores but now that bright neon colors are back in fashion it is an easier trend to rock.  Personally I am not a fan of pink but neon pink is another bright color that a lot of women are wearing this season.  This trend can work well with any type of outfit from work to a night out.  Even though fall is approaching a lot of online shoe retailers are still carrying this hot new fashion trend that you should definitely check out.

How to Wear This Trend

Bright neon colors are a great accent to any outfit but there are some tips around wearing them that you must know before rocking this trend.

  1. Make sure you stick to a maximum of two neon colors in your outfit.  Anything more than two will just look too busy.  All over neon just looks crazy so try sticking to neon colors on two items such as your shoes and purse.  You can do complimentary hues such as two shades of neon blue or blue-green. Alternately you can do opposite colors such as hot pink and bright yellow.
  2. Choose neon versions of colors you already look great in.  If you look good in red then try wearing a brighter shade of red or hot pink.  If there is a specific color that looks great with your eyes or skin tone then just amp up your style by wearing a brighter version of that specific color.
  3. Pair your one or two bright colors with neutrals for an added pop.  If you do bright shoes and a bright purse then choose neutral pants and a neutral top.
  4. Make sure you dress properly for your event.  You would not want to wear neon shoes for a job interview or very formal occasions.  Neon shoes would be fine to wear to any fun event, party or formal event when dress code permits.

Take a look at some hot bright summer heels I have found to give you ideas on how to wear this shoe trend this season.

Bright Summer Heels

Soojin - Aqua

I love the blue-green color on this heel along with the metal buckle detail.  What do you think of these bright summer heels?

Leale - Hot Pink Suede

I love the romantic floral pattern on the back of this hot pink shoe.  This color will be sure to get you noticed.

Tamms Rep - Black PU

This pair of shoes has a bright pop of color in the straps which is great if you do not want to commit to having a neon color on the entire shoe.  The green strap is stretchy and expandable which works great for any foot type.  My feet tend to run a little bit wide so the open toe and straps work well to keep my feet comfortable all day long.

Perries - Azul and Black

Color blocking is a big clothing trend but it can also relate to your shoes.  The bright blue colors are great for summer.   Close toed shoes such as this work great  for a business office.


Bendie - Blue Violet

This is a great shoe style that looks flattering on everyone.  It combines bright neon summer colors with color blocking to add a pop of color to any outfit.  This heel height is great if you need some added height.

Fab - Orange Multi LL

Flats are a great option for those days where you need to be comfortable but still look chic.  This shoe mixes prints with bright colors and textures.  The sunny yellow color will brighten up anyone’s day.

Tennis Shoes

Heels are not perfect for every situation so having a pair of great tennis shoes around is essential.   You still want to look fabulous at the gym or for a day hiking so make sure you have a good pair of tennis shoes as part of your bright summer shoe collection.

Viola - Pink Patent

This pair of neon hot pink shoes are perfect for any season and add a touch of femininity to any outfit.  This five inch stiletto heel  and one inch platform is great for  anyone who wants a little bit of added height and length to their frame.

Style Ideas and Inspiration

Check out some of these style ideas so you can see how this trend can work with your outfits.

Bright Yellow Heels

Matching these bright yellow heels with a neon yellow belt is a great way to add pops of neon color throughout your outfit.  The solid blue dress keeps this outfit from looking to busy.

Hot Pink Heels

Pairing hot pink heels with a neutral wardrobe is a great way to make everyone’s full attention on your statement piece which is the heels.

Neon Gree Heels

Here is an example of a neon don’t.  You do not want to do head to toe neon.  The mix of the bright purple hair and the lime green outfit makes her look more like a explosion of crayons than a fashion trendsetter.

Pairing bright heels with a simple pair of jeans is a great way to make a statement without looking like you are trying to hard.  Heels with a simple outfit can do a lot to dress it up.


Like all fashion trends make sure that you choose a few key pieces for your shoe collection so you will never look out of style or dated.  This trend is a must have this season but there are so many other great trends that you should try out as well.  Stay tuned and check back in for more of this season’s hottest trends and how to add them in your wardrobe.


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