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Punk Rock Shoes

Punk Rock Shoes for the Modern Grown up Woman

For me this punk rock trend started when I was a teenager in high school.  I didn’t want to look like everyone else and wanted to feel like I had control over something in my life like my wardrobe.  As you probably know when you are younger and want to feel rebellious you shop at stores like Hot Topic and Spencer’s for your punk rock shoes and wardrobe even though now I know that those stores do not make you un
Sparkly Heels

Compare Sparkly Heels From all Major Online Shoe Stores

While no one really knows how this trend started it has hit us by surprise and taken the world over by storm.  This shoe trend looks great with a simple black cocktail dress but can also be worn with many other outfits.  Sparkly heels are best used for a night out or evening events but if they are worn in a neutral more subtle color then I think they could become work appropriate. How to Wear Sparkly Heels Types