How to Stay Safe When Buying Shoes Online


Shopping online can seem scary to beginners but with these helpful tips you can make sure that you and your credit card information stay safe when buying shoes online:

HTTPS and What it means to you When Buying Shoes Online

When on a payment page always make sure it says https instead of just http in your search bar.  Https stands for Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol Secure.  This term can be confusing but it essentially means that the page you are on is secure and all traffic between the website and your browser is encrypted.  If someone happened to intercept your credit card information during its transfer they would not see your actual information instead they would over at this websitejust see a random string of characters.


Shoe Sites and Brand Awareness

Always make sure you are on the correct shoe  brand or stores website when trying to buy shoes online.  For example if you are wanting to purchase from a brand such as coach or Luis Vuitton double check your browser url to make sure the spelling is correct and you are not on a similarly spelled site selling counterfeit goods.  When using a search engine such as Google the real original brand will say official within its Google advertisement.


Terms and Conditions for Online Shoe Retailers

Please make sure that any terms and conditions or site agreements are read carefully before making your shoe purchase online.  I know this can often times be long and tedious but companies can hide things in there such as recurring memberships which make monthly auto charges to your card.  The popular online shoe retailer does this.  In their terms and conditions it states that once you make your first shoe purchase with them you are automatically enrolled in a membership which will deduct $39.95 each month as a credit added to your account to purchase shoes.  You will continue to get charged each month until you call in and cancel the membership.  Things such as this may not be clearly advertised on the site.


Refunds and Returns in the Shoe World

Make sure you are aware of any refund and return policies before buying shoes online.  Especially when purchasing something like a pair of shoes where shoe  sizes can run larger or smaller between brands a good return policy is always helpful when a different size is required.  A decent amount of companies such as the online shoe retailer Zappos offer free returns if an item does not work out or if a different size is needed.

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